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Create your own Father's Day prize package!

  French Settlement Sausage is proud to reward one lucky winner on Father’s Day.  Complete the registration form at WAFB.com -  Father’s Day Gift Hunt!  Watch 9 News on Friday, June 14 to see if your Dad is the lucky winner.  Quarters Endless Entertainment, Holiday Hallmark, Ralph’s Market and V Watts Furniture are also sponsors of the Father’s Day Hurt.  Hurry!!!! Submit your application soon to win these great prizes.        

 WAFB 9 Chefs Grilling!

WAFB Channel 9 is searching for 9 of the area's best amateur grill chefs who exhibit talent and creativity for our 9Chefs grilling competition. This competition is open to amateurs only. Participants' work will be judged on taste, creativity and presentation of the dish. Prizes will be awarded for the finalists and the competition winner. The grand prize for this competition is a Green Egg Grill/Smoker from Goodwood Hardware and Outdoors!  Winner also receives a gift basket of French Settlement Sausge (Hickory Smoked - Hot, Mild, Green Onion and Andouille).  Oak Point Fresh Market is also a major sponsor located on Greenwell Springs Rd in Central and a second location on Hwy 16 in Watson. Log on to WAFB.com Channel 9 and sign up.  Watch for details on WAFB Channel 9.



Current Events:


French Settlement Sausage will be at Fresh Pickens on Coursey Blvd on Saturday, May 18, 2013 from 10:00 am till 2:00 pm.  Please come out and try our Hickory Smokin’ Good sausage.
May 29, The Church of St Amant will have a small pot jambalaya for the Real Men’s Group.  Come out for some fellowship and great food.
Watch us on The Outdoor Kitchen Show on Eatel and Cox.  You will also see us on WAFB over the next two weeks. 


On January 26, 2013, the Gonzales Seventh District Volunteer Fire Department presented French Settlement Sausage with an Appreciation Award. French Settlement Sausage was honored to donate sausage to the Volunteer Fire Department for a jambalaya sale to raise funds for the new fire station on Roddy Road. Thanks and appreciation to all the Volunteer Fire Fighters for their service to the community.


French Settlement Sausage will be sponsoring several mini pots in the Jambalaya Festival Mini- Pot Cooking Contest over the weekend of May 24-26, 2013. Jambalaya cooks of all ages are able to compete in the mini-pot cooking contest on Saturday, May 25, 2013



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